Sweet Sensation

A natural heritage

Sweet Sensation is a new pear with a long and distinguished heritage. It’s completely natural, bringing all the goodness of nature into your home.

A Dutch-born pear

In 1992, the Dutch pear grower Simon Broertjes discovered this natural variation in his Doyenne du Comice orchards in the village of Wijdenes in North Holland. As a professional grower, he observed its development carefully for a number of years before showing it to colleague grower Joop van Doorn who was impressed with its colour, loved its sweetness and noted its extraordinary drip free character.

Pear potential

Joop saw the pear’s potential for professional cultivation and registered it under the name ‘de rode Van Doorn’(the red Van Doorn). Sweet Sensation first became available to a select group of consumers in 2010, following its official launch in the Netherlands.

Worldwide Sensation

Pears grown in the northern hemisphere are available from November through February. Sweet Sensation is currently being planted in sufficient quantities to soon be able to guarantee availability at quality supermarkets, all year round.